Why I’m so glad I chose JRTI

A photo of the school from JRTI’s website


I am constantly thanking myself for stepping outside my comfort zone and choosing JRTI. Before I came here, I was always quiet and shy; I kept to myself more often than not. When I stepped through the doors on the first day of school last year, I knew everything was going to be completely different. Not only did my grades start rising, I was doing things I never thought I’d ever do. 

I had started gaining leadership experience, I was being active within my school’s community, and I was making so many new friends. I was learning new skills that would help me get a head start on my career. At first, I was afraid that I wasn’t going to do well in the class because I didn’t have much experience with coding. Everything was so beginner friendly and everyone was willing to help me learn. I love that I am surrounded by so many people that have the same interests and goals as me.

I’m always recommending James Rumsey Technical Institute to other students and even adults. Going to school here has just changed my view on school and getting an education so much, I want other people to see that too. Not only do I get to learn about stuff I want, I get to take part in simulated workplace which has boosted many of my soft skills and leadership skills tremendously.  I’ll always be proud to say that I went to school at James Rumsey Technical Institute.

My Experience at James Rumsey

A website I made my junior year using HTML and CSS

Coming to James Rumsey for my junior and senior year had been a goal of mine since I toured back in middle school. Looking back at my junior year, it was worth all of the effort I put into getting into this class. The people are wonderful and the class is a lot of fun. Everything that we do is self-motivated, meaning that we work at our own pace and have the option to switch which assignment we work on, as long as we meet the deadlines for our work, which can also be flexible.

We’ve learned everything from coding a website to making animations and just general programming. At James Rumsey, you get to learn what you want and have that be the focus of your education, an opportunity that isn’t normally possible as a high school student. I took that opportunity and haven’t regretted it since, and I hope that anyone who is considering James Rumsey, especially those who want to learn to code, will do the same.

High School Tours

Students from Martinsburg High School play a game created with Alice 3

High school tours are underway at JRTI Studios. James Rumsey hosts high school tours to introduce sophomores from Berkeley, Jeffferson, and Morgan counties to the 17 programs offered here. In JRTI Studios, our goal is to show students what we do in class. Today we hosted Martinsburg High School. We are very excited to welcome next year’s juniors.