Games to check out based on a video

Name of the episode: Games You Might Not Have Tried #17 – New Games to Learn From!
URL for the episode:
Games talked about:

  • The Missing – A game that’s rough around the edges but has a bunch of metaphorical meaning
  • Shift Quantum – A puzzle game about positive and negative spaces and how you can’t have one without the other
  • Occupy White Wall – An art gallery MMORPG where you can explore, interact, and even create your own galleries
  • I ♥ Hue – A mobile puzzle game about matching colored blocks to create a giant gradient
  • Wandersong – Simplistic but unique game about loving who you are and making an impact on the world, even when it seems impossible

I have played I ♥ Hue and it is a fun game that is also relaxing. You start with a gradient that has four different colors in each corner. It divides up into blocks and moves, with some staying in place, and you have to figure out where the colors go. It’s a mobile game that I always go back to and enjoy every thing I play.


Recently we started courses on a website called CodeHS. This website has lessons that help teach programming through videos and short exercises. The course that I am taking is on SQL. It teaches us some basic code for sorting tables using Harry Potter as an example. The videos are short but easy to understand, and they are followed up by an example of what was just taught, as seen above. After the example, we are given our own tasks to code, such as pulling up all of the people in the table with the last name Weasley. Overall, it’s simple and easy to learn but fun.

Color Swap

Color Swap is a platform game where you change between two colors: blue and red. If you’re red, you can only destroy red enemies. If you’re blue, you can only destroy blue enemies. You switch colors by touching the colored crystal but be careful, you never know when that might be the last thing you want to do.

The premise itself is simple but I tried to make the game more challenging. If you would like to play you can click here and please leave some feedback in the comments.


I made a game about fighting off waves of zombies. It gets increasingly difficult as the game goes on, increasing the number of zombies. The goal is to get the highest score possible before you’re overrun and your tower is destroyed. The game itself is simple with only one layout. It starts off easy but the difficultly grows for each level.

If you would like to play it click here:

Construct 3

An example of what Construct 3 looks like

Construct 3 is an online program that allows users to create video games, either through a browser or on a desktop. It is an amazing program that helps create a strong foundation for video game development practices, such as organizing code and creating your own assets. You can create a multitude of different games, all the way from shooters to side scrolling adventure games. The sky is the limit, and the company behind Construct 3 make sure that everyone has access to materials to help even beginners who want to experiment with video game development.

My Experience at James Rumsey

A website I made my junior year using HTML and CSS

Coming to James Rumsey for my junior and senior year had been a goal of mine since I toured back in middle school. Looking back at my junior year, it was worth all of the effort I put into getting into this class. The people are wonderful and the class is a lot of fun. Everything that we do is self-motivated, meaning that we work at our own pace and have the option to switch which assignment we work on, as long as we meet the deadlines for our work, which can also be flexible.

We’ve learned everything from coding a website to making animations and just general programming. At James Rumsey, you get to learn what you want and have that be the focus of your education, an opportunity that isn’t normally possible as a high school student. I took that opportunity and haven’t regretted it since, and I hope that anyone who is considering James Rumsey, especially those who want to learn to code, will do the same.