3D Face Shields

The FASTEnER Lab at Shepherd University has set up a production line of 3D printers to make face shields for local EMS and health care workers. In addition to the 3D printers at Shepherd, more than 20 are on loan from Jefferson and Berkeley County schools. Mrs. Thomas has been volunteering in the lab.

Frames for the face shields are made on the 3D printers – two frames per build plate. It takes about 3.5 hours to complete the printing,

Working Together

Blood Pressure Screening

Therapeutic Services students invited the Coding, App, and Game Design students to a blood pressure screening. This lays the groundwork for a collaborative project to design a educational app for to promote healthy blood pressure for West Virginians.

Pair Programming

Pair programming is a technique advocated by Code.org as well as others to support the development and review of coding. It is sometimes used in recruitment interviews. In this example, students are triplet programming but still demonstrating and practicing essential skills for problem solving, sharing roles as navigators and drivers, and sharing their thinking. Pair programming builds social skills and promotes learning as student rely on each other.

These students are working on an Alice 3 project that requires creating and using random numbers, making decisions using if statements, using repetitions and loops.

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Connecting with Justin D-Z

Thanks to Justin D-Z, creator of ARPG Manger for joining the AM section for a discussion about his game. Students did advance reading and played the game before Justin connected with us via Join-Me. The students had questions about the game as well as the path to creating games. Justin is a member of the JRTI Studios Craft Advisory Committee and an indie-game developer as well as chief technology officer for a national company based in Berkeley County.

Alice 3

Alice 3 uses object oriented programming to build stories and games while teaching programming and animation. Created by Randy Pausch and his collaborative team, with roots in building virtual worlds, Alice 3 continues to be developed and provided by the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University.

Students in JRTI Studios are studying Alice 3 using a new online course created and piloted by Duke University and distributed through Coursera. Dr. Susan Rodger, professor computer science at Duke University and Dr. Stephen Cooper, professor of computer science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, are the instructors. The 8 units guide students through a progression from setting up objects and scenes to the development of their own adventure game.

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