Earsketch Competition

Recently I was working on a music completion through Amazon. My friend Asher really likes music so he asked me to do it with him. After working on it for half a week I thought it would be fun if we both entered different songs. So after making three to four songs I finally created the one I wanted. Below you will see a link to my song and a picture of the program we used called Earsketch. This program allows you to make music either with JavaScript or Python.

Earsketch Program


Girls Go Cyberstart

A photo from “office of the Governor” – Jim Justice


This semester, the Coding, App, and Game Design program decided to make a small club called the “JRTI Cyber Club.” This club is to compete in “Girls Go Cyberstart.” This competition allows girls to access CyberSecurity learning resources. As participants, we take the role of security agents that have to stop gangs of cyber criminals and prevent several organisations from being attacked. While competing we’ve learned things like cryptography, digital forensics, and open source intelligence gathering. The program increases its level of difficulty as we continue to play. The difficulties range from easy, medium, hard, and extreme. Currently, our team of four are competing in the “Assess” stage, it closes on February 14th, 2020. We must have a score of five or more by the deadline to qualify for the next stage which is “Game.” We could win up to $1,350 for our school by competing.