The Hunt

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The Hunt is a 2D maze/adventure game in which you start in the location called the Void. Once you have exited the Void you are back in the real world where you venture off to the town to find out what really happened to you and the people in the town. This isn’t the full version but gives a good idea of what the game is about.

Please enjoy,

Xavier Grubb

Color Swap

Color Swap is a platform game where you change between two colors: blue and red. If you’re red, you can only destroy red enemies. If you’re blue, you can only destroy blue enemies. You switch colors by touching the colored crystal but be careful, you never know when that might be the last thing you want to do.

The premise itself is simple but I tried to make the game more challenging. If you would like to play you can click here and please leave some feedback in the comments.


I made a game about fighting off waves of zombies. It gets increasingly difficult as the game goes on, increasing the number of zombies. The goal is to get the highest score possible before you’re overrun and your tower is destroyed. The game itself is simple with only one layout. It starts off easy but the difficultly grows for each level.

If you would like to play it click here:

Escape the Cave

Escape the Cave, this game started out as a simple little level that lead to a simple victory, but I decided to experiment with layout change and added more to the game. I think what I’ve done with the change of layouts throughout the game made it considerably more immersive. I had some trouble with the resolution and size of the layout but it all came together in the end.

If you want you can play the game and leave a comment.

To The Clouds

This is my second game, To The Clouds a name that doesn’t really mean much but gives you an idea of what you’ll be doing. In this game I wanted to focus less on the art but more on the actual game, this lead to the idea of falling. I decided to make a game that gets progressively harder and if you fail a level you get sent back to the previous level. In the end there are 10 levels that get progressively harder and higher in the sky, if you’re interested feel free to play on the link above.

Escape to Pandora

My game Escape to Pandora started out with the idea of creating a game with a tile set. This means I would have to create small blocks that fit together to create levels. At first this was hard, and during the process I had to restart many times. Eventually I felt like I had a capable tile set and moved on to Creating the game. This was the surprisingly easy part I did not want a long game, but rather just to test out how a tile set would work. So after creating playable levels I was left with what you see before you feel free to take a look and play for yourself.