Dodge is a mini game where you try to avoid meteors that fly toward your ship. If your score is less than 500 you will be hit by a huge meteor and lose the game. When you score 500 you win the game. Watch the video to see how the program runs.

This game was created using Alice 3. This program uses collision detection and event keys.

Battle at the Beach

Enjoy battling an enemy king of an underwater temple as a great pirate of the seas. Each side has a range of 3 different beasts. You could end up fighting a yeti, a poodle, or a peacock with one of your fierce beast allies: the phoenix, the raptor, or the mythical beast, Yali. Each of them have a range of different spells to cast from. Who can take control over the beach? Battle to find out!

While making this project on Alice 3, I used if statements to decide what needed to happen in the game based on what you clicked. I also used functions to tell the program the chosen monsters, so it would know which monster needed to show the animation for casting the spell, or being hit by the spell. Then, to have the game be interactive, I added Event Listeners to find out what you do as the player, such as clicking a button in the game.

Snowman Race


In this project a snowman and snowwoman race to the finish line. The amount the snowmen move each turn is randomized within a certain threshold, as is the amount they melt. A random variable is used to determine who will move more and another random number is used to determine how much each will move. The snowmen also slowly melt as the race progresses, as snowmen do not belong in non-winter weather. The winner of the race will exclaim “I won!” and the audience will cheer.

Semester Project

Using Alice 3 Collin and Dakota made a race between three characters. The character includes the rabbit, a slow but consistent character. The rabbit will constantly hop along to the finish line, only occasionally taking small breaks. The pig on the other hand is a fast, but clumsy animal constantly tripping and taking a while to get up. Alice is fast but also delicate, if she ever gets tired during the race you can watch her sit down for a second to catch her breath before returning to the race.

Alice 3 – Race

A simple race used as a model for our most recent projects.

This is a simple race between two animals, one or the other wins depending on the randomized outcome generated by code. Code was not only used to randomize the race, it was also used to end the race if an animal collided with the finish line as well as have the winner say, “I won!”