Games You Might Not Have Tried #14 – Mechs, Monsters, and More! – Extra Credits (Not made by me, the link is in the post)


“Hunt: Showdown” Image found here:

Hunt: Showdown – A PvE battle royale involving terrifying monsters and civil war weapons. Notable for the fact that your character can level up and be permanently killed.

Tower of Time – Well made RPG with interesting lore, but weak character writing. Fun for people who like RPGs involving traversing a map.

Slay the Spire – A game where you fight using decks of cards. Features roguelike mechanics and ethereal whales.

Battletech – A video game that feels like a tabletop game.. Features large, complicated machines, as well as a somewhat slow pace.

A Way Out – A two-player exclusive game involving teamwork. Starts off as a generic prison break drama. Features basic gameplay and naked men (but only in at least one scene).

Minit – A game with similar gameplay to Legend of Zelda, but you die in exactly 1 minute every life. The goal is to find the correct path to successfully complete the game in under one minute.

Frost Punk – City-builder set in a post-apocalyptic world featuring tough decisions. Serves as both a game and a test of morality.

I have not played any of these games, but I would probably try Frost Punk, primarily to see how poorly I can do, but Minit also looks like it could be a fun puzzle game.

Construct 3 Games

Official Construct 3 Logo I found At This Link:

I have been spending a decent bit of time playing games on Construct 3. You may have noticed that other members have posted games they have made; I would recommend checking them out if you haven’t already. Of course, you can find some other games from other people just by going to the website itself. There are some decent games, such as one game I played called “Pixel Bear Adventure” by someone named “GTGJon”.

Update Related to JRTI Blog Posts

“Logitech G15 Keyboard” by danielphin. CC BY-SA 2.0

For the next few months, there will be many new blog posts from various members of JRTI Studios. If you are interested in seeing what people have been doing here, be sure to return to this blog frequently.

This blog was made so people could see what students in JRTI are working on. Feel free to subscribe so you receive blog posts the moment they arrive. The posts will cover various topics, including competitions, apps developed in, and Construct 3.

Communications and Blogs

“keyboard” by fsse8info. CC BY-SA 2.0

My job, as part of the communications team in the AM class, involves making sure people make blog posts. More specifically, I remind people when their blog post is due, though most people seem to remember when their post is scheduled. I am also the editor, so I occasionally have to edit people’s posts before they can actually be published. As mentioned previously, I am part of a team; the other member is Dylann.

Posting on the company blog allows other people in the simulated workplace to see what you are working on, or what you have completed. Content posted on this blog can be seen by people all over the internet, too, though I doubt a large quantity of people will be actively searching for this outside of people in the workplace. However, by posting your progress on the blog, other people who are further behind can see and ask you for help. It can also be an opportunity to practice and demonstrate professional writing skills.

High School Tours

Students from Martinsburg High School play a game created with Alice 3

High school tours are underway at JRTI Studios. James Rumsey hosts high school tours to introduce sophomores from Berkeley, Jeffferson, and Morgan counties to the 17 programs offered here. In JRTI Studios, our goal is to show students what we do in class. Today we hosted Martinsburg High School. We are very excited to welcome next year’s juniors.