Spring Break Assignment

Let it die- A rouge-like game where you have to get to an elevator to complete a level. It’s punk rock influenced and has an option to pay 25 cents to continue after a death. I have not played it.

Yakuza 0- A game about Japanese gangtsers in the 80’s. I was actually about to buy this game on sale the other day, but I’m waiting until I beat some more games on my backlog.

Everything- A game where you can be anything and everything. It’s a surrealist game with narration. I have not played this game.

Nier Automata- An RPG that changes its genre a lot. I’ve heard a lot about this game, and might play it.

Sexy Brutal- Adventure puzzle game where you try to stop multiple murders. I have not played this game.

Resident Evil VII- A survival horror game that takes place in a house ran by a crazy family. I have not played this game out of fear.

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