Games You Might Not Have Tried #4 – Find New Games – Extra Credits

This is a picture of DayZ and can be found at
  • Lone Survivor – It is a 16 bit horror game with a silent hill feel to it.
  • DayZ – It is an Arma 2 mod, that make it a zombie apocalypse. It plays like an actual zombie apocalypse. It has a few of Arma’s glitches but it also has its big maps and attention to detail.
  • A Valley without wind – It has tons of depth and almost infinite hours of game play but it has clunky control scheme.
  • Legend of Grimrock – It is like ultima underworld or dungeon master but with a modern look. It is a 1st person dungeon crawl that has many puzzles.
  • Avernum escape from the pit – It is a bit slow caomapred to other games but for iPad it is one of the best rpg’s. It has an interesting story line with many different choices during combat, and a huge world to explore.
  • Artemis – It is a LAN game but has internet play. Each person plays a role of one of the deck officers. Each person has a unique interface.
  • Crusader Kings 2 – It is more about manipulating interpersonal relationships and not battles. Forming a lasting dynasty is more directly the goal of the game.

I haven’t played any of these games but i think that dayZ would be really fun to play and there would be a lot of things to do so it wouldn’t get boring.

The link to the video

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