Console Games EP 12

Photo of original cover art.

LET IT DIE is a single player hack and slash game. The goal is to start at the bottom of a tower and make your way up. Sounds easy right? Maybe if each floor wasn’t filled of enemies how are trying to stop you. As if that wasn’t bad enough if you don’t make it to an elevator (these reference checkpoints.) you have to restart at the previous elevator and lose all progress. The game is free to play on PlayStation and I have played it before. It was definitely something that required time, patience, and a bit of skill in fighting games. They had micro transactions but it was something so little has continuing in the same spot when you die for 25 cents. Just like an arcade machine.

Main cover art for Resident Evil 7.

If you haven’t played this game you need too. This is one of my favorite games. If your a fan of horror or shooting zombies in first person this is the game for you. Resident Evil 7 Bio hazard is the first game of its series to be a FPS. This gives the game the chills of not knowing what is behind you and also looking everywhere. I have played this game and after watching a YouTuber JackSepticEye play this game i saw there it many different ways to approach situations. There are also mini games like blackjack with extra perks and a high risk.

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