Game You May Not Haven’t Tried – Spring Break

Games You Might Not Have Tried #16

The Last Door

  • The graphics of the game really set a creepy mood for the game

Enter The Gungeon

  • The objective of this game is to kill away monsters through series of levels
  • The game is not always spooky

Night In The Woods

  • This game manages to fill you with the real world dreads of adulthood, economic tragedies, depression and death

Onimishu – Warlords

  • combat focused game
  • good demon graphics

We Know The Devil

  • play as a group at a summer camp that figures which two characters will stay together and which ones will sit out in a life or death situation 


  • FEAR is a Frankenstein-monster mashup, first person shooter and a Korean horror film that includes tactical gameplay, good weapon selection, environmental distraction, and excellent bullet time mechanics

The Room

  • You are locked in a room with a mysterious puzzle box that unlocks secrets to the next clues to escape the room, almost like a real life escape room

Yume Nikki

  • There is not a single word of dialogue in the game
  • Puzzles connect together to create a story


  • This game shows how creepy having a phone could be. Game represents something creepy hacking a phone.


  • A very creepy, odd detective game that has a art punk acid trip theme to it. 

Games I would really enjoy playing are Simulacra because I like how you can control what happens next in the game and shows how creepy and unsafe phones can really be and The Room because I like solving puzzles with a creepy vibe to it.

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