Escape to Pandora

My game Escape to Pandora started out with the idea of creating a game with a tile set. This means I would have to create small blocks that fit together to create levels. At first this was hard, and during the process I had to restart many times. Eventually I felt like I had a capable tile set and moved on to Creating the game. This was the surprisingly easy part I did not want a long game, but rather just to test out how a tile set would work. So after creating playable levels I was left with what you see before you feel free to take a look and play for yourself.

Gibby’s Shooty World & Updated Gibby’s Draggy World

For my second game, I made a 2D shooter-platformer hybrid. The objective of the game is to kill all of the enemies and reach the goal.

This is a sequel to the critically acclaimed (please believe me) Gibby’s draggy world. I went ahead and added some story moments to the end of Draggy World, so please check it out by clicking its link below.

Making these games has been awesome, and my third one will be the finale of the Gibby trilogy. I hope you have fun with this game and all of the other ones that I make. Also, if/when you beat the game, look for the secret final boss in a certain room.


Shooty World-

Draggy World (Updated)-

Catch The Stink Bug! – Clicker Game

Catch The Stink Bug! is a “clicker” game that I created through uses block code, which is made up from JavaScript. The objective of the game is to chase the stink bug around the screen until you catch it. You start out with five lives and a score of 0. If you run out of lives, you lose. If your score reaches 5, then you win the game!

If you would like to check out the game or the code involved with it, check out the link below!

Untitled Ant Game

This is the first game I’ve created with Construct 3, a game making software.

This simple little game is called Untitled Ant Game, The player is that little black box that represents the ant, and each of those little red boxes are made to be apples that you collect for points. Each individual apple is worth one point and your goal is to reach 10 points.

If you’d like you can try the game out by clicking the link below.

Link –

Sombrero Clicker Game

This is a small game I put together for lesson 3 of App Design. The goal of the game is to click the sombrero without clicking the background. The Hard difficulty features a number of fake hats, which also result in a game over, similarly to clicking the background. A link to the game can be found below.

Menu Screen