Spring Break Assignment

Find New Games – Extra Credits
URL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORImxKInnc4

Games Reviewed w/ Comments :

Undertale : This game took some very old mechanics and gave players a beautiful and complex story… An interesting mechanic in this game gives you the chance to befriend or talk your enemies out of fighting. I’ve heard many good things about this game and I’m sure it’s very good, I’ve never played it though.

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide : This game may be a bit poorly designed when it comes to graphics, but this game is actually very fun. The default difficulty is actually extremely difficult and that makes this game interesting. I’ve played this and it’s very fun to play with friends.

The Beginner’s Guide : This game may not be too crazy and action packed like other games, but it really gives the player an emotional and philosophic experience that other games can’t really give. I’ve never played this game, but it looks VERY interesting and I might actually play it.

Read Only Memories : A Cyberpunk Adventure game, it is similar to Starbound in a way, when it comes to character design it is very unique. This game gives the player very interesting dialogue between them and NPCs. This game looks great, the art is like eye-candy for me… Never played it though.

URL to IMG : https://www.idwpublishing.com/midboss-idw-publishing-bring-read-only-memories-to-comics-december-2019/

The Black Watchmen : This game is VERY unique, giving the player an incredible ARG that has some interesting and frustrating puzzles. There are some horror elements to this game as well. This game’s art is new to me and looks amazing though I’m not too into puzzles, never played it though.

Mini Metro : The game is a very simple little puzzle game that begins to look more and more complex as it’s built by the player. Looks like a lot of fun for such a simplistic little puzzle game imo.

Escape the Cave


Escape the Cave, this game started out as a simple little level that lead to a simple victory, but I decided to experiment with layout change and added more to the game. I think what I’ve done with the change of layouts throughout the game made it considerably more immersive. I had some trouble with the resolution and size of the layout but it all came together in the end.

If you want you can play the game and leave a comment.

Untitled Ant Game

This is the first game I’ve created with Construct 3, a game making software.

This simple little game is called Untitled Ant Game, The player is that little black box that represents the ant, and each of those little red boxes are made to be apples that you collect for points. Each individual apple is worth one point and your goal is to reach 10 points.

If you’d like you can try the game out by clicking the link below.

Link – https://ecstatic-wiles-1132f4.netlify.com/

Alice 3 – Race

A simple race used as a model for our most recent projects.

This is a simple race between two animals, one or the other wins depending on the randomized outcome generated by code. Code was not only used to randomize the race, it was also used to end the race if an animal collided with the finish line as well as have the winner say, “I won!”