Game You May Not Haven’t Tried – Spring Break

Games You Might Not Have Tried #16

The Last Door

  • The graphics of the game really set a creepy mood for the game

Enter The Gungeon

  • The objective of this game is to kill away monsters through series of levels
  • The game is not always spooky

Night In The Woods

  • This game manages to fill you with the real world dreads of adulthood, economic tragedies, depression and death

Onimishu – Warlords

  • combat focused game
  • good demon graphics

We Know The Devil

  • play as a group at a summer camp that figures which two characters will stay together and which ones will sit out in a life or death situation 


  • FEAR is a Frankenstein-monster mashup, first person shooter and a Korean horror film that includes tactical gameplay, good weapon selection, environmental distraction, and excellent bullet time mechanics

The Room

  • You are locked in a room with a mysterious puzzle box that unlocks secrets to the next clues to escape the room, almost like a real life escape room

Yume Nikki

  • There is not a single word of dialogue in the game
  • Puzzles connect together to create a story


  • This game shows how creepy having a phone could be. Game represents something creepy hacking a phone.


  • A very creepy, odd detective game that has a art punk acid trip theme to it. 

Games I would really enjoy playing are Simulacra because I like how you can control what happens next in the game and shows how creepy and unsafe phones can really be and The Room because I like solving puzzles with a creepy vibe to it.

Catch The Stink Bug! – Clicker Game

Catch The Stink Bug! is a “clicker” game that I created through uses block code, which is made up from JavaScript. The objective of the game is to chase the stink bug around the screen until you catch it. You start out with five lives and a score of 0. If you run out of lives, you lose. If your score reaches 5, then you win the game!

If you would like to check out the game or the code involved with it, check out the link below!