Games You Might Not Have Tried #4 – Find New Games – Extra Credits

This is a picture of DayZ and can be found at
  • Lone Survivor – It is a 16 bit horror game with a silent hill feel to it.
  • DayZ – It is an Arma 2 mod, that make it a zombie apocalypse. It plays like an actual zombie apocalypse. It has a few of Arma’s glitches but it also has its big maps and attention to detail.
  • A Valley without wind – It has tons of depth and almost infinite hours of game play but it has clunky control scheme.
  • Legend of Grimrock – It is like ultima underworld or dungeon master but with a modern look. It is a 1st person dungeon crawl that has many puzzles.
  • Avernum escape from the pit – It is a bit slow caomapred to other games but for iPad it is one of the best rpg’s. It has an interesting story line with many different choices during combat, and a huge world to explore.
  • Artemis – It is a LAN game but has internet play. Each person plays a role of one of the deck officers. Each person has a unique interface.
  • Crusader Kings 2 – It is more about manipulating interpersonal relationships and not battles. Forming a lasting dynasty is more directly the goal of the game.

I haven’t played any of these games but i think that dayZ would be really fun to play and there would be a lot of things to do so it wouldn’t get boring.

The link to the video

How to manage time

There are many ways to manage your time. The three most important things are eliminating half-work which is when your mind wanders to something else when you are working on something, you should only focus on one thing. The second thing is to do the most important thing first and lastly you should hold yourself to a schedule but not a deadline, you should make a habit of completing things. There are many other ways to manage your time but these are the most important and they can help in any situation like at the gym or at school.

Construct 3

I’m making a game using Construct 3 during class. Construct 3 is game making software.

I don’t have a name for it yet, but it is a platformer mixed with geometry dash. The player is a grey box and the black boxes and rectangles are the floors the player is allowed to be on. If the player touches the red boxes or rectangles the level is reset. The player can double jump in this game and the green boxes reset the player’s double jump in the air so the player can get a third jump. The goal of the game is to get to the yellow rectangle at the end of the level to advance to the next level.

I have finished two levels and I’m continuing to build the game. If you would like to try it –


I have been working on getting my Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel certifications whenever I have time. The word and power point are fairly easy. Excel is harder because you need to know math equations and how to set them up.

What gMetrix looks like

You can take many different practice tests and then take the the final test. You can do as many practice tests until you feel comfortable. There are usually only 5 or 7 questions per project and there are only 7 projects in a tests. Getting certified can help you find jobs and just help you in general if you have to use a certain program.


On October 30th I went to a CPR training class, and learned how to do CPR. We learned the correct timing and how far to push into someone for it to be effective. They also told us that just doing CPR, even when you don’t know exactly how to do it, can save someone’s life. You only start CPR if the person isn’t breathing and their heart has stopped. You have to do 120 beats per minute and every 30 beats you give 2 breaths. You have to push 2 inches into the person for it to be effective. If there is an AED nearby you should try and have someone else get it. AEDs give a shock to the patient so it fixes the irregular heart beat or restarts the heart. The closest AEDs to our class are in the office and the cafeteria.

October 31st I went and took the written test. It went over what they taught us in the class. I took the class because I am the safety manager, and I thought it would be good for someone to be certified in our class. I also thought it would be a good experience, and it’s a good thing to know how to do.