Spring Break

Games You Might Not Have Tried #14 – Mechs, Monsters and More! – Extra Credits

Describe the games reviewed in the episode and the comments about each game:

Hunt: Showdown (0:47) – a swampy horror pve battle royal in early access with an interesting leveling system

Tower of Time (2:14) – a rpg with an interesting combat system with good lure

Slay the Spire (2:44) – a turn biased rouge like with a card building mechanic

Battletech (3:06) – a slow turned biased battle teak game

A Way Out (4:10) – a co-op narrative choice biased game

Minit (5:12) – a zelda like game but you die in one minute

Frostpunk (5:40) – a city builder in a frozen over future where nothings is out certain

(this picture is public domain)

I haven’t played any of these games but if i had the choice to play one id chose Slay the Spire I’ve seen game play of it and it has a really good premise with a very attractive art style.

Personal learning plan

My goals for the next 2 weeks included finding a stable way to work from home. This was difficult for me as I have little to no Internet at home (2.4 – 58.9 kbps) thanks to living in the woods. Although through talking with some of my homeschool administrators I’ve been able to acquire a laptop that’ll hopefully improve my chances of reliably turning in work. Although I’ve run into issues setting up the laptop to do schoolwork it has already helped me work on multiple assignments so I believe this will be a big help when it comes to finishing classwork. 

To The Clouds


This is my second game, To The Clouds a name that doesn’t really mean much but gives you an idea of what you’ll be doing. In this game I wanted to focus less on the art but more on the actual game, this lead to the idea of falling. I decided to make a game that gets progressively harder and if you fail a level you get sent back to the previous level. In the end there are 10 levels that get progressively harder and higher in the sky, if you’re interested feel free to play on the link above.

Escape to Pandora


My game Escape to Pandora started out with the idea of creating a game with a tile set. This means I would have to create small blocks that fit together to create levels. At first this was hard, and during the process I had to restart many times. Eventually I felt like I had a capable tile set and moved on to Creating the game. This was the surprisingly easy part I did not want a long game, but rather just to test out how a tile set would work. So after creating playable levels I was left with what you see before you feel free to take a look and play for yourself.