Games You Might Not Have Tried #4 – Find New Games

  • Lone survivor – A 16-bit survival horror game that has a silent hill feel to it and is much more than any horror game that’s only horror because it has zombies in it.
  • Dayz – A game that is heavily based on the true struggles of what it means to survive whilst also worrying about other players and zombies trying to kill you or steal your gear this game whilst previously having many bugs has also recently had a big rework of its whole core and I would recommend to any who has the time to invest in trying to get gear and build an awesome base. (but if you would rather have speedier gameplay they also recently added modded servers to speed up the pace too so there’s that)
  • A valley without wind – A procedural game that has the potential for hundreds of hours of gameplay even more if you can work past the clunky controls and other small bugs in it.
  • Legends of Grimrock – A 1st person dungeon crawler game with many different aspects including in-depth puzzle solving as well as combat against an array of different creatures.
  • Avernum escape from the pit – A slower retro RPG for your pc and Ipad with a vast range of dungeons to explore
  • Atermis – A game best suited on LAN where you and about 5 other friends have each of their different roles to manage with interfaces that you’ll need to navigate your starship across the cosmos (But beware it does have some bugs to watch out for)
  • Crusader Kings 2 – A medieval strategy game where your choices determine the outcome of everything and the main objective is to keep your dynasty safe whilst you crusade through different lands

I have not played any of these games except Dayz and to me, it was worth every penny spent on it and I would definitely recommend playing the game if you have the hours to invest in it.

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