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Games You Might Not Have Tried #8 – Find New Games – Extra Credits

The first game explored in this video was Thea which is basically civilization’s exploring aspect. Next up was Axium Verge a game that is much like the old Metroid game. Mordheim: City of the Damned an interesting RPG game in which you have a team that progresses through the world getting illnesses, collecting treasure, dying with no way of coming back, and exploring. Probably the weirdest out of the bunch is Static Speaks my Name which takes you through a house where nothing feels quite right pictures everywhere of the same thing and quite creepy music in the background to keep you feeling unsettled. As for this next game, it’s also creepy but equally gorry and not afraid to show the bad sides of humanity this game being LISA. Finally on the list is Tearaway Unfolded using the Playstation controller to its fullest. This game using not only the general controller mechanics but the motion controls as well from swiping to make wind to pointing your controller at a location on the screen to produce light.

Please keep in mind that I have never played any of these games and am solely going off of what was told in the video. Preferably my favorite game on the list is Tearaway so here is a link to it if you want to check it out :

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