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For this blog post, I’ll be writing some short(ish) reviews of games I’ve been playing recently. I will also give them a score from 1 to 10. I’ll first start with the game I’ve put the most time into in the past two weeks, Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons (which I’ll be calling ACNH from now on) is a life simulation game ran in real time where you are taken to a deserted island to start your new life. Along with you on this trip are 2 random animal friends, and the Nook bunch.

The first couple days of island life are somewhat mundane, filled with tasks such as pulling weeds, collecting wood, and talking to your new neighbors. You can also donate bugs and fish to blathers, who will eventually put these creatures into a museum. These tasks might sound boring, but they’re actually very fun, especially when the game opens up more.

After about 4 real life days, the game opens up immensely and your true island life begins. I cannot explain how ope this game is, especially compared to the past animal crossing games. There are no specific tasks for you to go for (besides a main “story” line from Nook), you do what you want when you want. It’s a very relaxing game and it definitely helps with the current social distancing. situation. I give ACNH a 10/10, if you have a switch, BUY IT!! (I’ve already put 70 hours into this game, please send help.)

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This next review will actually be short, it’s about Doom Eternal. The first rebooted Doom game from 2016 is amazing. The fast pace combat combined with the amazing environments and enemies makes for an amazing experience. Doom Eternal takes all of the things the 2016 Doom did and does it (mostly) better.

In this game, demons from Hell and other planets have taken over Earth, and humanity’s only hope is the Doom Slayer. You rip and tear your way to a burned and gore ridden earth, where you must stop the demons from continuing their attacks. Earth is not the only planet you visit, however. You will also find yourself in the core of mars, the lower cities of hell, and some other crazy looking planets.

The final mission of this game is absolutely awesome, and I recommend it to anyone who likes shooter campaigns. Sadly, the multiplayer falls short in this game. The 2016 Doom had a super fun team death match and demon hunt mode, which I loved. This game just has a “Battlemode”, where one slayer takes on two player controlled demons. It’s fun for a couple matches, but gets stale quickly.

The single player also has a problem, the Marauder enemies. These beasts demand full attention when they are in a battle, and their “mid range” fights are super annoying to deal with, which ruins the fast paced combat of the game. Besides those two gripes, I think Doom Eternal is a great game. I give it an 8/10.

That concludes my game reviews. As I’m writing this, Persona 5 Royal just came out, which is an enhanced version of one of my favorite games. If I can, I might write a review of that too when I’m finished it’s 100 some hour campaign.

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